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Local Programs

LIVING STONES VILLAGE is a loving home where abandoned children are treasured and raised; it is a graceful community for the underprivileged in society. Living Stones Village is not just an orphanage; it is a haven for the forsaken and forgotten ones, a home that welcomes those around the world who seek comfort and rest. The goal of Living Stones Village is to become a self-sufficient community that restores hope for the forsaken ones and brings blessings to all nations. Distinct features at Living Stones Village include the following:

Men and women around the globe come to Living Stones Village to find comfort, joy, family and friends so that they may become a testimony of love and blessing to others. Living Stones Village is a place where bondages are broken, the oppressed are set free, the homeless and poor find a home, the troubled souls discover Sabbath rest.

FAMILIES and PARENTS for the orphans

LSV children live in family units with parents and siblings. Orphans receive parental love and guidance as they go through challenges at different developmental stages.

JOBS for the physically challenged and underprivileged

Factories and a commercial center will employ physically challenged workers from LSV and the local community. Underprivileged youngsters are given the opportunity to integrate into and contribute to the local community.

WELLNESS and Conference Center

Training & rehabilitation for special needs children at LSV and the local community. Wellness and mental health programs for local and overseas communities.


Provide quality education for the children at LSV and the local community through the following: English Preschool, English Institute Summer Enrichment Programs, International Learning Center, Music School, Creative Arts Institute. 

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