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Rehabilitation Center


The Rehabilitation Center inside the Living Stones Business Training Center was established in 2013. We currently provide weekly physical therapy for three Nankang residents. We use music, games, art, and sports to help improve their mobility, independence, and social skills. Our goal is to assist them so that they can enter society and find work to support themselves. After training at our center, people who are physically challenged will be able to apply for a suitable position at our bike shop, music store or one of the other stores that are still under development.

We pick up and bring the students to our center every Tuesday afternoon. They are thrilled to be here, and they enthusiastically join in all the activities. When we close for a week, such as during Chinese New Year, one of the students, Fu-Di, will set off by himself and walk one hour from his home to LSV, just to see us! We have built deep relationships with each other in this small rehab group, and we are always ready to celebrate any achievements. None of the students could talk when they first came to the center. Mei-Fong didn’t speak until we started music therapy. At first she tried to sing with us, then we encouraged her to say words and short sentences such as, “lǎo shī hǎo !“ (Hi, teacher!) Mei-Fong’s determination eventually inspired Fu-Di to speak as well. Everyone is affected by her positive influence. Fu-Di, for example, did not have the opportunity to go to school, but he comes to our center to learn. He witnesses acts of love here and has learned that “Sharing” is one of the ways to express love. Now, he often brings produce from their field at home, or snacks he bought, to share with us!

Call for Support!

We really want to have more resources to provide more and more comprehensive rehabilitation services. LSV is also actively preparing our new shops to train and employ the handicapped. It is our hope our rehab students like FuDi and Mei will soon have opportunities in our shops to earn their own living.

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