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Dreams Come True

Fatherless Have A Home


Transforming Lives into Living Stones
Restoring ancestry, inheritance and remembrance for the fatherless




Home for the Fatherless

Give orphans a home, family, truth and love as well as the rightful inheritance:

  • Father and Mother

  • Family

  • Village Life

  • Vocational and Career Development

  • Employment Opportunity from Business Strip

  • Real Estate Property


Local Community Outreach

Restore the family system and individual value in China:

  • Character Building and Development for Children

  • Marriage Counseling and Family Life Training

  • International School and Toddler Learning Center Curriculum, Language, Music and Arts through Living Stones Academy

  • Rehabilitation Center for Disabled

  • Vocational Training


Ministry to the World

  • Residential Wellness Program

  • Internship Program for Various Disciplines

  • Restoration and Character Transformation


Sponsoring Organizations


USA Gift Matching Employers

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