• Dreams Come True, Fatherless Have A Home

  • All Nations All Tribes Gathering For One Purpose

  • International School and Toddler Learning Center

    Curriculum, Language, Music and Arts through Living Stones Academy

Transforming Lives into Living Stones
Restoring ancestry, inheritance and remembrance for the fatherless


Home for the Fatherless

Give orphans a home, family, truth and love as well as the rightful inheritance:

  • Father & mother
  • Family
  • Village Life
  • Vocational and Career Development
  • Employment Opportunity from Business Strip
  • Real Estate Property

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Local Community Outreach

Restore the family system and individual value in China:

  • Character Building and Development for Children
  • Marriage Counseling and Family Life Training
  • International School and Toddler Learning Center Curriculum, Language, Music and Arts through Living Stones Academy
  • Rehabilitation Center for Disabled
  • Vocational Training

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Ministry to the World

  • Residential Wellness Program
  • Internship Program for Various Disciplines
  • Restoration and Character Transformation

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Sponsoring Organizations


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